Trail Rides

Trail rides fan out in all directions from the ranch, and into Riding Mountain National Park, which is in close proximity. You’re welcome to participate in the grooming and saddling experience, and if you like, the rounding up of your horse. This would be an awesome opportunity for you and your mount get to know each other. No experience is necessary. You’ll be coached from the ground up.

Expect the unexpected as you and your horse explore the Park forests, marsh areas and rolling prairies. Guides are congenial, experienced, and licensed with federal Parks Canada.

Our horses are raised and trained in this terrain, and become familiarized early to wild country trails. They become willing and able to carry riders with confidence.

We’re family friendly, and welcome youngsters from ages 5 and up for trail rides. Ages 2-4 can enjoy pony rides by lead line on site. The trail ride experience can be your choice of a short 1.5 or 2 hour ranch ride, or a Park day ride, Pack Trip or Horse Pack wagon tour.

We celebrate that first time on horseback or book a pack trip for extended trail ride experience, and real wilderness adventure. Trail rides of any type are definitely an equine experience good for the mind, body, and spirit!


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Riding Mountain National Park

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