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Our Horses

We’re proud of the good nature and attitude of our horses! Almost all are draft cross-bred horses, which result in strong bones, smooth gaits, and well-muscled bodies.

Most of our horses have been raised at the ranch, and trained in the environment we explore. They are familiar with situation crossings, varied terrain, and wild animal appearances. They negotiate trail obstacles with intuition and experience. A willing attitude and confident mind are important character aspects in a good horse.

Training takes time. The training of our ranch horses is based on resistance free philosophies, where learning is based on building trust and mutual respect. Riders are encouraged to learn that “horse language” which comes in handy when communicating with your mount. Understanding the horse this way adds to safety ethics, and personal empowerment when navigating trail rides.

Almost all breeds are represented, with personalities as various as colors. It’s not unusual for trust bonds to develop between horse and rider on the trail. We make a special effort to match each horse to rider, and enhance your riding skills, whether you have any or not, with coaching prior to every ride. With practice, anyone can be a good rider!

Even in the most ideal circumstances, there are risks involved with every trail ride. Riders are informed of these and sign a risk waiver prior to each ride. Riding becomes an informed experience. Knowledge of Risk is safety related information, but it is also the essence of adventurous spirit….that unpredictability of the unknown that adds excitement and true adventure to the wilderness horseback experience. Horsemanship at Trailhead Ranch focuses on an important balance between both aspects.

Our horses will be ready, willing and able to explore known and unknown trails together, as a team. Ages 5 to senior years are welcome to head out on our family friendly mounts. See how horses really do “leave hoof prints on your heart!"